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R & D capability
Yufavor has a complete R & D team, more than 25% of the total staff of the company, who can carry out product design, manufacturing process design, mold design and production, small sample rapid production.Every year Yufavor pays a lot attention to product innovation and improvement. Its products are widely used in the vehicle, the urban water treatment, engineering machinery and other fields. In order to further improve product quality inspection, Yufavor has established inspection workshops with high standards to implement the various verification and testing required, so we could make a reliable guarantee of the product performance.
production capacity
Yufavor owns its capacity of one-stop production to assemble product. It make products high quality with advanced equipment, perfect process, and skilled front-line personnel. There are two production lines with an annual output of 500,000 pressure sensors and transmitters in the purification plant of 3000m². Through the strict quality management system, advanced technological process, first-class production equipment, high-quality staff, we could keep manufacturing the high quality of products .